One of the all-time greatest team building activities. Paintball encapsulates everything a team building event should be. Plus, you get to shoot high powered Paintballs at people which is always a good in our books.

If you’ve never been Paintballing. It involves splitting the group into 2 teams. The 2 teams play against one another in a variety of different paintball games like, ‘Capture the Flag’ or ‘Trench Warfare’. You have a gas powered gun that fires small paint filled pellets. We won’t lie those little paintballs can be sore and leave a mark but it’s all good fun.

The reason Paintball is such a popular activity for team building events is simple.

Your sports team, work team or social group will need to work together, support, motivate and communicate effectively to achieve the goal in the mission given to you by the team. All of which are important factors in any successful team.

Trust us when the whistle goes and the paintballs start flying everywhere, communication and working together is key. Also, Paintball is simply brilliant fun, that will have the entire group smiling and talking about it for hours, weeks and months to come.

We work with tons of Paintball providers across Ireland and the U.K who have years of experience and always make sure groups have the most fun possible on their team building event.

So, what are you waiting for? Settle a few scores and make lasting memories with Paintball as your Team building activity. Drop us a line on for more details and book now.

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