Summer BBQ for staff : 5 top do’s and don’ts

Summer BBQ for staff : 5 top do’s and don’ts

Summer BBQ for staff : 5 top do’s and don’ts like these are super useful. Sometimes it appears as if Christmas is still visible in the rear view mirror when the days get longer and you’re sucking in the smell of freshly mown grass. Summer has arrived and it is time to shake off the winter blues and get outside.

Time once again to organise the annual BBQ for all the staff at the company. Team leaders need to step up to the plate and recruit willing members for the BBQ team as the first step in putting the annual bash together. There are two ways of organising the annual Gig; firstly, the easy way and that is to hire in an outside caterer and just sit back with all the staff and team leaders and enjoy the stress less occasion. Secondly, get a team of volunteers together and do it the hard way. Yes, a self catering BBQ. The craic is mighty and it does give people a chance to show off skills that might not be apparent in their everyday work life.

Team leaders can make this a fun day or make a complete balls of it so getting it right is important.

So Bigpotatoes has put together a summer BBQ for staff; the top 5 do’s and don’ts

1. Do get everyone involved in the planning.

It’s a big undertaking and if the group is large there is a huge amount of work involved. We also know that most staff like to be involved in helping and it creates a better atmosphere and fosters better friendships. It gives normal team leaders a chance to evaluate other skill factors in their colleagues.

Do NOT go on a solo run or an ego trip so that all the glory falls into your lap with the attitude of “look what I can do”

2. Do select a proper venue.

It may be on the sports field attached to the business or in a beer garden attached to some watering hole. Be sure that you have access to power and water and that it’s in a sheltered area.

Do NOT pitch the BBQ on the top of a hill where the wind will make it difficult to keep the cooking running smoothly. Also make sure that access to the site is easy for vehicles. On a beach with access down a rocky slope gets you zero points.

3. Order proper quantities of food and booze.

If unsure ask a professional. Make sure that there are enough food containers, cutlery, plates, glasses, booze and bags of ice. Make a list and use the KISS philosophy. (keep it simple stupid)

Do NOT underestimate the quantities and at the same time do NOT grossly overestimate either. It’s bad enough being short on the day, but it is just as bad chucking oodles of leftover food into the bin. Make sure that the balance is right. Drinks can be done on a sale and return basis.

4. The actual BBQ itself can either be gas fired or charcoal.

Gas is easier and cleaner and gives better control. Get advice on the size of the BBQ to cater for a crowd. The hire people will guide you in the right direction. Start cooking in plenty of time so there’s no one dropping from starvation.

Do NOT use throw away tin foil trays with a few knobs of charcoal for a large group. Be professional in your approach. Also do NOT leave metal tongs or forks lying on the hot flames. Going to A&E in the middle of the event with burnt hands with spoil your day.

5. Be sure to order enough tables and chairs so that everyone is comfortable while eating.

Also remember the fair skinned Irish, they will need to sit in the shade so order some parasols.

Do NOT get plastered by drinking on an empty stomach as you pretend to be Gordon Ramsey at the Summer BBQ for staff.

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