Paint a nude

If you’re looking to organise a truly unique team, corporate, or social event that will everyone talking about it for years to come. Then unleash you artistic and creative side with a Paint A Nude class. It’s brilliant fun and sure to produce a few giggles.

Everything will be supplied for your team during this activity. The paints, canvas and if needed a few potatoes to place in strategic positions. You’ll have all the tools necessary to produce a work of art.

Zero experience is required. The instructor on the day will bring you through a variety of painting techniques to begin with.

This is to give you every opportunity to produce a fantastic piece of art and capture every detail.

After every joke has been made, a Paint a Nude class is a fantastic choice as team building or corporate activity. This is because it challenges you to learn new skill and be creative. On the social spectrum it’s a brilliant activity to allow people unwind, relax, have a laugh and kick off a night out.

No word of a lie. A paint a nude class will live long in the memory of a brilliant BigPotatoes event. So, drop us a line on to book it for your work, social or team night out.

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