Dirt Buggy

This activity is one for all those extreme sports and adrenaline loving people who also love to get down and dirty. A day in a Dirt Buggy will be one of the best experiences you’ll have this year.

On arrival, you’ll be given a brief safety demonstration before you get kitted out in the jump suit and helmet. It’s then time to get accustomed to the Dirt Buggy itself. A Dirt Buggy is a bigger and far more sturdier looking version of a kart.

That’s for a good reason too as you’re about to race around a dirt track that has mud, stones, jumps, quick turns and fast flats at stages. The buggy even comes with a roll cage should you try and do your best Fast & Furious impression.

Depending on what package you go with, you’ll enjoy a few practice laps in the dirt buggy before a few heats, semi-finals and final.

Sure you have to find out who’s the quickest in your sports team, work team or social group.

A day in the Dirt Buggy’s is one of our top team building activities as it really encourages a team to support, motivate and push people on to achieve a certain goal. And in some case push people out of their comfort zone. All desirable traits in a successful team.

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to leave the rest of the field in a cloud of dust and book Dirty Buggy as your team building activity. Email info@bigpotatoes.ie for more details.

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