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Folks, at BigPotatoes, we specialise in fun social gatherings for sports teams, work colleagues, birthday parties and also social get-togethers. You name it, we cover it! How do we help make your group or party have fun? Well, we’ve got a number of ways. But one of the ways is with fun activities. We provide activities that include Arts & Crafts, Food & Drinks, Outdoor Activities and more! But today we’re here to tell you all about our amazing list of Water-based Activities. From Surfing to Dolphin Watching, these activities are great fun and are perfect for those of you that fancy taking a trip along the water. So let’s find out more about these fantastic activities.


Here are our fantastic Water-based Activities!


Catch a few waves while surfing off the coast of Ireland. Surfing may not be one of the easiest things to master, but it’s great fun building up to it. And once you do catch your first proper wave, the feeling of achievement is immense! Surfing is great fun and it’s a great experience if you’ve never done it before. Surfing has also become one of Ireland’s top team-building activities. For this activity your group will have fantastic surf instructors who will help you and guide you on the proper technique. Then you’re free to try those new skills and try to catch your first wave.


Boat Tour – Water-based activities

Not everyone is up for getting wet so if you and your group are looking to relax and unwind while out at sea then a Boat Tour is the option for you. Set sail with your friends and learn the history of the area from a unique vantage point. You might even get to have a few drinks while on the boat. As well as getting to relax and unwind you’ll also get to see the amazing scenery and coastline of Ireland from the sea. It’s an amazing experience and one that we’re sure will leave everyone happy.


Cruise on the River

Similar to the Boat Tour, a Cruise on the River is also an opportunity for you and your group to relax and unwind. The only difference is that this time you’re on a river rather than at sea. You’ll take in some of the incredible scenery that Ireland’s towns and cities have to offer from the vantage point of the river. You’ll also get to chill out and have a relaxing time with your group. So kick the feet up and enjoy yourselves.


Dolphin Watching – Water-based activities

Fancy seeing some Dolphins? Well, now you can! Yep, Dolphin Watching is a very popular activity and it’s a chance to get out to sea and take in some fresh air. You’ll not only see dolphins but also turtles, falcons, razorbills, and maybe even basking sharks. Dolphin Watching is not to be missed out on.



Have you ever been on a Rib before? It’s one of those boats that you see Scuba Divers or the Coastguards use. They travel at high speeds and have great maneuverability. They can also take each and every bump that the sea throws at them. Take a trip out on a Rib and you’ll get the heart racing and the adrenaline pumping.


How do these Water-based activities sound to you? If you’re interested in booking one of them for your group then all you have to do is email us on and we’ll help you get it booked.



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