Top 5 Team Building Activities

Top 5 Team Building Activities

We have already talked about the benefits of team building activities. Now, how about our top 5? There are so many incredible team building exercises you can do. It was tough to narrow it down! But low and behold our top 5 team building activities. You and your team will have heaps of fun and reap the rewards ten times over!

Paintball :

Paintball is a sensational way for teams to work together. Each group is divided into two teams who must battle it out. A dynamic will form where the members of each team work together to win. It is exhilarating and can get pretty intense! Your team will love the rush. And, the connects they form while playing this high adrenaline game will transfer into how they communicate at work. And that aside, who doesn’t love getting covered in paint!?

Karting :

Tearing up that karting track is one high octane way to have fun! Dust off those cobwebs and head out for some super fun go-karting. This team building activity is perfect for the team that might be cooped up in an office most of the time. Or, even if your team just loves getting stuck in to something energetic!

Escape Rooms :

Escape Rooms are becoming an incredibly popular team building activity. Why? Firstly, because it stimulates some serious team work energy. Secondly, the group thinks creatively to solve puzzles to escape a room. To up the anti, they are working against the clock. This trendy team building activity is where it is at!

Bubble Soccer : 

This next level game will blow your teams mind. Ever heard of Zorbing? No? Well basically you are strapped into a giant bubble and left to roll around a designated area. Bubble Soccer is when  you are part of a team of people in this situation, playing another team in a game of soccer! If you haven’t seen it already, you should check it out.

Foot golf :

Ah foot golf, the noble sport. Like golf but not as fusty and dusty. It is definitely an upgrade to the original game! The rules are similar to regular golf. The only difference is, you guessed it – you use your foot to kick the ball. No more carrying around heavy caddy bags full of golf sticks you haven’t a notion of how to use!

Whatever you choose to do for your annual outing, our top five is a great place to start. This ultra trendy list of team building activities will give your team something to look forward to! And, something to reminisce about.

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