Pottery making

Not all every corporate, social or team building event has to be an adrenaline fuelled activity. Some times as a group or team you need an activity to relax and unwind with. A Pottery Making class is what you’re looking for.

Your group will certainly take a hands on approach in this activity as you learn how to sculpt a bowl, vase, or pot. The instructor on the day will start by demonstrating the skills you’ll need to manipulate the clay into your desired shape. They’ll also show you how to operate the potters wheel and to prepare your piece for the kiln.

They’ll also part with some trade secrets to create beautiful indentations, how to choose stylish handles and how to decorate it to really give it that wow factor.

A pottery making class is a fantastic corporate and team building event that encourages people to work together, learn a new skill and to express their creative side. If it’s just for a social outing then you’ll also be in for an entertaining day of pottery making and allowing your mind to wander to the thought of Patrick Swayze holding you like Demi Moore.

So, what are your waiting for? Get your hands dirty and book a Pottery Making class for your team or group on info@bigpotatoes.ie.

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