Catching and Surfing a wave is simply one of the greatest experiences you’ll ever have. You might not be catching massive waves like the pros but you will be buzzing after you catch your first one.

Surfing has become one of Ireland’s top team building activities. In Ireland we are spoiled for choice with great beaches to surf on. Firstly, your team or group will have fantastic surf instructors take you through all the skills you’ll need to pop up and catch a wave on the beach

Then it’s off into the water to put these new found skills to the test. We won’t lie, there will be plenty of slips and falls that will have you all in stitches laughing. But that’s what it’s all about and when someone in team catches their first wave there will be a huge roar.

No experience is needed and all the kit will be supplied. You’ll need that nice warm wetsuit. Trust us.

Surfing is a fantastic team building activity as it challenges people and a group to learn a new skill, to motivate each other in the water and support each other through the whole day. All the traits you want in a successful team.

So, what are you waiting for? Hang 10 and get ready to shout Cowabunga when you go Surfing as your team building activity. Contact us today at for more details.

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