If you’re looking for an action-packed day to really invigorate your sports team, work team or social group. Then Karting is the activity for you. It’s face paced, high octane and guaranteed to get the competitive juices flowing.

On arrival, the team at the Karting track will bring you through a quick safety briefing. Then it’s off to get the jumpsuit and helmet on and to unleash your inner Michael Schumacher. You’ll enjoy a few practice laps beforehand, to get you used to driving the high-speed kart.

It’s then into the qualifying heats, semi-finals and final to see who among your group is the fastest on 4 wheels.

Karting will have your team grinning from start to finish as they race around the track.

It’s a fantastic activity for team building and bonding as your group will support and motivate each other through the different races.

It will also be the hot topic of conversation afterwards among the group. Who was the fastest? Who pulled off a great over take? But ultimately Karting is an excellent activity at bringing people together.

So, what are you waiting for? Kick you Team Building event into a higher gear with a day of Karting. Book now on info@bigpotatoes.ie.

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