Team Building

Every team regardless if it’s on the pitch or in the office needs to build relationships. Team Building is a fantastic way to get your team working more cohesively, more creatively and build morale. It’s also a fantastic way to unlock the potential in your team by putting them in scenarios they may normally not be accustomed too.

Team building is also a fantastic tool to recharge a team, be an icebreaker, build excitement, bring team members closer together and increase productivity within the team.

Here at Big Potatoes we’ll help build those strong links in your team through a variety of activities and events.

All our activities are specifically chosen to bring people closer together, to spark creativity, to relax & unwind, face fears or even simply to enjoy a unique rush.

Activities can include:

  • Paintball
  • Spa Day
  • Cocktail Making Class
  • Zorbing
  • Adventure Centre

We know every team is different. We’ll work with you to match the needs of your team. We’ll then help select an activity or event that’s best suited to your team. We organise team building events all over Ireland & the U.K. and cater for all types of teams from corporate, social to sports.

These activities ensure everyone in your team works together. That they work together to learn a new skill, challenge themselves, motivate, self-motivate, support and ultimately achieve an end goal. All of which are hugely important in any team being successful.

Package options include:

  • Activity of your choice from our vast selection
  • Meal/ Finger Food/ BBQ
  • Night time venues – the best pubs and clubs
  • Room hire
  • Accommodation – from budget to 5 star

So, what are you waiting for? Take your Team to the next level and email for an exceptional team building activity.

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