10 Ways To Surprise Your Team

10 Ways To Surprise Your Team

We all go to work, do our jobs, and go home. Regardless of how fulfilling our jobs are, it’s nice to have a little surprise here and there. Little surprises from the boss help people feel connected to their work environment and make it that much more enjoyable. Have a read of our 10 Ways To Surprise Your Team. The idea is to increase engagement and productivity.

Food Time

For no reason just bring in some food to share. Some Bagels, fruit baskets, cookies, or even pizza. These are always a big hit!

Home Time Surprise

Why not tell everyone they can leave 30 minutes early for the day as a random surprise. Surprisingly, most people will not actually leave because they have work they don’t want to leave behind. But it’s still a really nice gesture that they will appreciate!

Personal Touch

We all love the personal touch. This little surprise is something you can do in personally without involving the rest of the team. Every once in a while, come in a little early to leave a personal note, complimenting the work done or thanking them if an extra special effort was made on a recent project. They will love that you took time to leave this personal compliment.

Work Somewhere Else

Work somewhere else for the day! Remember that time your teacher took you outside to have class? It’s the same feeling! We strongly recommend having regular team idea sessions in a different environment than the office. If you have a team meeting coming up that’s normally in a boring conference room, then why not head to a local park and sit at a picnic table? Or head to a local coffee shop or hotel lobby.

Funny Board

Get a little bulletin board in the office and every morning allow an employee to put up a funny picture, cheeky tweet, or quote. Even put this on a rota system so people know when they have to put up a funny piece.

Branded Gear

Show employees you appreciate them with cool gear. Organise t-shirts, stickers, coffee mugs or water bottles with business logo stamped on. Use them as little thank you gifts for the staff… And if they use them outside the office you now have some free advertising!

Walk Time

Take everyone out for a walk. Grab your team and just walk around the block or the park. This gets everyone chatting and really relaxes people. Such a nice surprise also to just randomly take 30 minutes out of the day for a little team bonding.


Is your office usually pretty quiet? Mix it up a little, bring in a speaker, turn on the radio and have some tunes on!

Team Lunch

Team lunches are a great way to create a different kind of conversation that wouldn’t happen in the office. Organise a team lunch and to get to know your employees on a different level and in a different setting. This team bonding lunch allows your team to connect more.

Visit From The Family

Do you know the spouses or any family members of your team? Why not invite them to stop by? In the office we talk about our family, kids and pets every day and even see the pictures. But has your spouse ever actually seen where you work or what you do? Take a minute and say hi to them in person. It’s always a nice break in the day when your spouse or co-worker’s spouse stops by with the kids. It really lifts the mood in the office.


We all know their are benefits to team building. We really encourage you to brighten your teams day by trying one of our 10 Ways To Surprise Your Team or all if you feel like it! 

As a manager it is vital to know little tricks that motivate your staff, raise moral, make work enjoyable, and all resulting in increased productivity.

These are just a few ideas, and we’re sure you can come up with more. Don’t hesitate to experiment and we would love to know how they work with your team.

If you like the idea of organising some team building for your group. Then contact us today and let our expert team look after you.


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