11 Tricks to Look Smarter In Meetings

11 Tricks to Look Smarter In Meetings

11 Tricks to Look Smarter In Meetings are here to help every aspect of your team. Now our expertise is in creating fantastic and mind blowing team building events, Christmas parties and work nights out to mention a few. But we do like to help out in your day to day life. We all have meetings we’d rather not be in or at or wondering why you even need to be there. When that happens we tend not to focus as much or put to much effort in. So, here are 11 Tricks to Look Smarter In Meetings to hide that lack of focus.

1. Percentages into Fractions

When some starts stating percentages this is your chance to chime in with some very quick math to impress everyone and make them think you’re fully engaged in the meeting. For example “20% of people are finding us via mobile” you reply with “So about 1 in 5”

People will nod in agreement and make a note.

2.  “Take a Step Back”

Four beautiful words that you should all have ready to go if you’ve drifted away and are now not sure what’s happening in the meeting. People are all talking quickly and you’re the only one not inputting. This is your moment to come in and say “Let’s take a step back” and then follow it swiftly with something like “What are actually trying to achieve?”. And now you’ve bought yourself another 30 minutes of not thinking but still look smart.

3. Taking Notes

This is a classic and was always going to make 11 tricks to look smarter in meetings. Bring a note pad to the meeting. Write down a word from each sentence. A note some would call it. All the time nodding your head. You’ll look engaged, concentrated and smart.

4. “Can this be Scaled?”

Another fantastic four word saying that must have been invented specifically for meetings. Again, if you’re looking to appear a touch smarter in a meeting. When the opportunity presents itself, hit them with “Can this be scaled?”. Scaled up, scaled back you name it. It’s a great universal term to add input into a meeting.

5. Can I See the Last Slide Again

Very similar to point to number 3 above. Asking can you go back to the last slide to make note makes you appear smarter, more engaged and have a willingness to take in all the information. Make sure you actually say that you want to make note of something. Otherwise you do run the risk of looking like you were not paying attention.

6. Important Phone Call

We’ve all done it at some point in our lives. It may not have been a meeting but we’ve all utter those words “I have to take this” and then swiftly leave the room. It’s probably your mother on the line asking how your day is going and will you be out at the weekend for dinner. Vitally important phone call.

It is still however a great move to demonstrate ones importance and their work ethic as they seem busy.

7. Explain that for Everyone

We’ve all been in a meeting when someone says a word or something that you have zero clue about. Don’t worry guys, there is a fantastic way to find out what they mean and look smart at the same time. It goes something like this…”I’m not sure everyone in the team knows what [insert word] means, can you explain it?”

8. Acronyms

Want to look smart in a meeting? Simple. Turn a phrase into an acronyms. When some says something like “we’ll need those yearly progress reports by Monday” and you chime up with “I’ll get working on those YPR’s for Monday”!

9. Sticky Notes

This trick can be used both in meetings and on at your desk. Adding a sticky not to pages in a presentation with a note is always a smart looking move. Also having sticky notes physically stuck to your laptop also shows how smart you are and your work ethic is so good that you need the information in direct eye line as not to waist time.

10. Alternate between Agreeing and Disagreeing

Another classic manoeuvre to use in a meeting to look smart. Switch from agreeing with certain things and disagreeing with others. It shows that you’re considering both sides and have an opinion. It goes something like “I like the sound of that” to “I’m not to sure about that”

11. Email Summary

Finally on our list of 11 tricks to look smarter in meetings, at the very end of the meeting to help you look smarter. Ask who is going to send an email with a summary of today’s meeting. We’d advise you avoid doing it yourself personally if you were not being paying attention!

So, there you have it, 11 Tricks to look Smarter In Meetings! Have you come across any of these in your previous meetings? And will you be using any of them in an upcoming meeting?

Lastly, if you’re looking to organise a work night out or team building event. Drop us a line on!

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