5 Team Building Mistakes to Avoid

5 Team Building Mistakes to Avoid

5 Team Building Mistakes to Avoid

Planning Team Building Activities is a positive step toward housing a happy team! Make sure that they are effective. You don’t want them to have a redundant or negative outcome! Here are 5 Team Building Mistakes to Avoid.

Different Abilities

Avoid making the mistake of not acknowledging your teams differing abilities. Your team is made up of people with different skills. They also have different interests. Most importantly, they have different abilities. When planning your next team building activity consider this. While one team member might enjoy a Hair and Make Up class, another might enjoy dirt buggying a bit more! Also, older members of your team might be more comfortable taking a trip to a pottery or going on a boat ride. Try and cater to what your team will benefit from the most. 


Cliques promote segregation. Try and break up office cliques at your next team building activity! Working together is the key! Cliques form naturally in any social situation. The crowd from the admin office might be close friends. The interns might have a lot in common with one another. Give everyone the opportunity to work with someone new! This enhances communication between team members. 

No Clear Goals

Make clear goals at the start of the activity! Maybe send an e-mail explaining why you have chosen this particular trip. If goals are not made clear, your team might be confused. Communicate your aim early on to ensure they are achieved. If you are planning an excursion to an Adventure Centre, do let your team know why. Although they will enjoy the fun physical exercise, make sure they know that there is a wider point. 

Overly Ambitious

Baby Steps! The idea is to have a few excursions per year. A few in office Ice Breakers, a Summer BBQ and a trip Dolphin watching. There are activities to enhance everything! Don’t spend two weeks taking trips to stay cooped up for the rest of the year. Don’t expect to achieve everything all at once! Over working a team to achieve a goal will wear them out. Be consistent! Don’t make your team bonding activities too ambitious.

Neglecting to act on People’s Suggestions

Act on the suggestions of your team. If your team expresses an interest in a particular area, act! This will encourage your employees to make suggestions to you in future. If a team member suggests something wacky like Zorbing, do some research. Find out what the benefits are. Ask around to see if there is interest. Take on board what people have to say! 

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