Afternoon tea: Team building with sandwiches

Afternoon tea: Team building with sandwiches

Afternoon tea: Team building with sandwiches

Team building is not always about doing mad, exciting, adrenaline pumping feats and ending up exhausted and sweaty. Team building can be about calm, bonding and peaceful activities. Let’s take an in-depth look at one of the calmest team bonding exercises that comes to mind and the many benefits attached to it. Organising an Afternoon tea team building event for your group:

It is important to list the benefits of the team day out before making the final decision. So that the whole team can see both the attraction and the benefits of the proposed team building event.

  1. Location in geographical terms
  2. Location within location
  3. The nature of the event
  4. Indoor or outdoor
  5. Whether to prepare and serve the food by the team
  6. Have a third party prepare and serve
  7. Contrast the costs
  8. Figure out the numbers
  9. Organise the transport
  10. Do an analysis of the benefits of the team building event

With longer warmer days during the months of May to August. It’s no coincidence that most team building events take place  at this time of year. The first item on our team building day out is Geographical location.

One of the most beautiful places to visit and top of the list has got to be Killarney in County Kerry. It is easily accessible from Cork, Waterford, Limerick and the west coast by road and from Dublin by road and rail. Mind you if the team building group is very flush or has a team building generous benefactor. There is the option of going by air to Farnfore Airport in Kerry and on to your selected venue by private bus.


Number two is location within location. One of the things that you can always count on in Kerry is the range and quality of the hotels in Killarney. The magnificent three lakes, not to mention stunning mountains. Which, depending on the time of year, could be covered with beautiful purple rhododendrons that will create a most impressive backdrop for any team building afternoon tea event.

Number three is the nature of the event. It has been decided at this stage to do an afternoon tea team building event. That of course, by its very nature means that it is held earlier in the day than most other social events. The menu generally consists of a range of small triangular assorted sandwiches of the highest quality; scones served with strawberry jam and freshly whipped cream. Small pastries and perhaps profit rolls smothered with warm dark chocolate. The team will no doubt look for a choice of both tea and coffee and if the finances stretch, perhaps some fresh Irish grown strawberries, cream and a couple of bottles of chilled champagne. That would tick the box as a marvelous team building and bonding exercise for pretty much any group.

What could be better than the team enjoying afternoon tea on the lawn overlooking the lakes in any of the wonderful hotels?

That brings us nicely on to the next item on our team building agenda, self catering or organised catering. Well, on the lawn of a hotel means you will be duty bound to let the establishment take care of all arrangements. Besides as the menu is multi stranded, it would be easy for someone to forget the mustard.

Preparing a budget is very important as is sticking with it.

Do a head count of all team building members, make arrangements and when the dust or champagne or smoked salmon sandwiches has settled. Analyse the benefits of team building and team bonding by indulging in afternoon tea.

Finally, if you’re planning a team building event. Let us help and get in touch today on

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