BigPotatoes Bites – Broken Clock

BigPotatoes Bites - Broken Clock

BigPotatoes Bites – Broken Clock

We’ve all experienced the midday slump. The weekend seems to be getting further and further away. And, the time seems to be dragging on. We of course recommend you can start planning a work night out which is always going to raise the spirits. But, if you just fancy blowing your co-workers mind then this BigPotatoes Bites – Broken Clock should do the trick.

Seeing as you’re clock watching and literally counting down the seconds until you can go home. Point out to your co-worker or other team member, have they ever realized that a broken clock is right twice a day!

This will also be the moment that your co-worker either has never realized this and goes ‘oh yeah’. Or they might just realize that you’ve finally cracked.

Either way you’ve just passed on another random fact that they may end up using later at a team building event or as an ice breaker at a networking event.

Finally, start planning your work night out or team building event and email

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