Christmas Fm

Christmas Fm 

Many people believe that listening to music in the workplace can boost morale.  In the run-up to the Christmas season it is important that staff feel that they are allowed to celebrate Christmas in the workplace. This can be done by putting up Christmas decorations around work spaces in the office. Here are the top 4 reasons why we should allow Christmas FM in the workplace.

Boost Morale 

It is important at Christmas time to boost morale for staff when their lives are extremely busy. In the run up to Christmas they are buying gifts for friends and family while going about their daily lives. When people hear Christmas music on the radio it makes them happy. Many people enjoy the classics such as Fairy-tale of New York and Christmas Shoes. When listening to the radio many people have stories to tell of when they were growing up listening to the songs.

Enjoying yourself 

Many Irish people who have grown up in different parts of Ireland know Christmas FM. It has become an Irish tradition with many tuning in every year to celebrate the joy of Christmas. Christmas FM  connects family that may be celebrating Christmas abroad.

Getting into the Christmas Spirit

When completing the Christmas tasks in the workplace it is a good idea to relax and unwind even during the lunch break. Sing the along to the Christmas songs on the radio. With some people travelling to friends and family to celebrate Christmas.

Supporting Charity 

In the run up to Christmas many charities will be advertising to support their annual giving donation services. Christmas FM is a non-profit radio station. They support a different charity each year and all profits from this radio station will be donated to this charity. Many people donate to this radio station as they enjoy the songs and wish to help a needy charity in the process. This is also a great Irish Christmas tradition for many Irish families to donate to the less fortunate during the festive season. 


Many workplaces do not allow staff members to listen to radio stations in the workplace. I would highly recommend this to change as it is very important for people to stay in touch for the festive season. 

For more ideas and suggestions on Christmas in the office visit our website.

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