Cooking for the team building exercise

Cooking for a team building exercise

It is important when planning a team building exercise that you factor in things such as skills which may be transferable to life outside of the workplace and can be used in a more practical element in the day to day  life. This is our- Cooking for a team building exercise. 

Strong bonds developed

When you are going to get your team together to complete your activity it is important that you communicate. Especially when you’re cooking, not everyone will have the same skill levels as some of the people within the class. It offers a chance to help and assist others in completing tasks. This strengthens the bonds of the company. These bonds grow even stronger in the office environment when working as part of a team work project. 

Sharing ideas 

When you are in a cooking environment you will be asked to do certain tasks.  These tasks can be done in a number of ways. When people are completing these tasks you will be sharing and explaining to other members of staff how you usually conduct these tasks on a daily basis. This can be done in a office environment when you are trying to communicate and work as a team. 

Showing off Talents 

In an office environment it can be very difficult to get a sense of some of the people’s skills from the workplace. Unless you work in a kitchen. These skills can be shown in a range of the ways in the team building day.  Many people in the lunch room or canteen bring in some delicious foods. Leaving us very impressed by their cooking skills.


Overall, some of the skills that I have mentioned above we take for granted in completing the tasks within a office environment. Some of company’s have poor communication between the different departments. These are   a fun solution to your problems from a management side and some from a staff side which they get to know each other.

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