Dublin for your end of season night away

Dublin for your end of season night away

4 reasons why we love it :

Historically, Dublin was known as the pale and the rest of Ireland was referred to as “beyond the pale”; in a peculiar kind of way the same yardstick could apply today. Well, the Dub’s, as the natives of the city would have us believe that, if they had their way. One thing for sure, it is the centre of the Irish universe and without doubt we would recommend Dublin for your end of season night away, 4 reasons why we love it.

1. The centre of the Irish universe.

Strictly speaking Athlone is in the centre of Ireland and it is on a line west of Dublin, but for size, scale and population The Capital is vast compared with all the other cities in the country. It lies on the east coast about half way between the top and bottom of the country. Ease of access in terms of transport is a Godsend for any team planning an end of season night away.

Dublin is served by a very efficient rail network. It is also connected to all other major cities in the country by motorway. Dublin airport is one of the busiest in Europe, if your team is based outside the Island of Ireland. Likewise the port has ferry connections to the UK and Europe. If your team is planning on a

major “knees up” then don’t designate a driver, stay safe, hire a coach or use public transport.

2. Places to go, Things to see and do.

We are back to the old chestnut here of “how long is a piece of string” but as it is Dublin for your end of season night away, it is best that we stay focused on life after dark. Dublin is like New York in that is a city that never sleeps. Massive range of activities for the team if building up a sweat is on the menu for the team members. Dublin tourism can provide your team with all the options.

Meanwhile Bigpotatoes would suggest some of the following; a visit to the live theatre, if getting a lash of culture is your bag; alternatively the concert hall usually has some great musicals or the 3 Arena for a musical gig. This arena is a great spot for international stars, groups, bands and solo singers. Planning is definitely needed well in advance for a show as the tickets are advertised as early as a year in advance. It’s a great end of season gig for the team. A trip to Vickers Street is another option, again a bit of forward planning. It’s more intimate than the Arena and can have great comedy shows. If the team arrives early in Dublin a trip around the city on the amphibious Viking vehicles and a splash into the Liffey is mighty craic. Maybe the team has a “lip” so a trip to the Guinness Hop store could sort out that problem with some samples of the “black stuff”, or as Arthur Guinness used to say, “A pint of plain is your only man”

3. Choice of accommodation

Dublin is spoilt for choice when it comes to bed nights. More Hotels and bed and breakfasts than you could shake a stick at Bigpotatoes have lots of deals in the capital and will be only too glad to steer your team in the right direction. Look, that’s what we do!

3. Nightlife

Dublin rocks after dark and has everything that your team will look for in terms of music, food and drink and that is why we recommend Dublin for your end of season night away and 4 reasons why we love it

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