Dublin for your team building event, three reasons for selecting Dublin

Dublin for your team building event, three reasons for selecting Dublin

Well, how long is a piece of string?

If you need to build sandcastles you go to a beach, if you need to go sailing you go to sea, and if your team decides that mountain climbing is the perfect event for them then it’s off into the country and find a mountain range.

Horses for courses: So then why would we think it strange that the team would select Dublin as a destination for team building? It is the capital city of the country and has the greatest and most diverse range of activities than anywhere else in the country! When it comes to team building and group bonding that we are all on different pages at the beginning. It takes time, effort, leadership and coaxing to sometimes get a consensus. Nothing wrong with that really and it does show democracy at work. Someone always needs to put their hand up and take the initiative. It’s what happens. Others prefer to be led than and that’s fine too. The whole point about leadership get-a ways and team building events is it opens up opportunities for those who neither are, nor regarded as natural leaders.

It also brings out qualities that may not be apparent in an office environment. It gives all participants a chance to see what other members can bring to the party. Just because a team member it red hot at computing doesn’t mean that they are dumb when it comes to outdoor pursuits or outdoor team leadership. There’s many a gem hidden under a corporate rock and a spell away from the work environment can often help to unearth such gems. So let’s bring it on.

Back to Dublin and the reasons for selecting it as a corporate event outing destination for the team.

The variety of activities, places of interest, art galleries, hotels, pubs, restaurants are as long as they are interesting.

Whatever we find in other places in Ireland, we can find the whole bundle of them in Dublin. Dublin is not just the capital of Ireland now, it’s a vibrant European city and pretty much like New York, it’s a city that never sleeps. The only drawback is probably the extent of the activities. There will surely be some disagreement within the group as to what is a priority. This takes the team back to the reality of democracy and consensus. THE main attractions are the art galleries and the museums, the range of bridges spanning the river liffey. The enormity of the phoenix park, which houses the Zoo and the Aras, home of the President of Ireland is not fully appreciated.

It totals over 1700 acres and is bigger than Central park in New York and Hyde Park in London. There are lots of other main stream activities to keep the team happy.

Another reason for selecting Dublin as a destination for the team is its access.

The main railway hub in Ireland is at Heuston Station and it services the south, the south east and the west of Ireland. A second station at Connolly serves the north east and Belfast. Dublin airport is now one of the busiest in Europe and has connections to multiple destinations in not just Europe but worldwide. Ferries sail in and out of Dublin Port every day to the UK and continental Europe. So it your group or team are planning a spell in Dublin and moving on as a part of that team building exercise all travelling options are open. Finally, Dublin as we have stated is not just the capital of Ireland, a European city, but is a multicultural location that can compete with the best in the world at anytime.

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