Our Top Five Christmas Songs for the Office

We all have our own top Christmas songs that we have been listening to for many years. Because we all have different tastes, many of us have different favourite Christmas songs. Many of us have our own traditional songs which bring back many memories of Christmas including remembering childhood memories.

The Five Top Christmas Songs

  1. Fairytale of New York
  2. Christmas Shoes
  3. White Christmas
  4. Do They Know It’s Christmas
  5. Last Christmas

So if you’re sitting around the office and are looking for some great Christmas songs then carry on reading because this is a list of our Top Five Songs for the Office at Christmas Time.


Top Christmas Songs:

Fairytale of New York

Many people who have spent Christmas in Ireland have heard of Fairytale of New York. This is a very popular song with so many people knowing the original song is the best Christmas song of all. This is one of the arguments that people have every Christmas as to which singers are the most impressive. The different opinions that people have are what make the most enjoyable song what it is in the run up to Christmas.

Christmas Shoes

This is a Christmas song I wouldn’t have discovered if it weren’t for the Christmas FM radio station which goes on air in the month of December. This is a song that everyone can relate to. The story is that of a young child that is buying a last minute gift for their mother or father and the child does not have enough money. This is a problem which people can empathise with. Many different people may have their own children which may experience these same problems and for this Christmas Shoes is a very relatable song.

White Christmas

Many people have grown up with the classics from the start of Christmas. White Christmas is a golden classic for many of us which will never be replaced by modern songs. White Christmas was released by the singer Bing Crosby and it’s a song that has been around since the start of many Christmas traditions.

Do They Know It’s Christmas

Do They Know It’s Christmas is another big Christmas classic which may be found in many Christmas memories. This a Christmas song about the famine which had taken place in Ethiopia which happened between the years 1983-1985. They had also recorded a more recent soundtrack that marked the anniversary of the event in Ethiopia for the thirtieth anniversary. Many people enjoy the newer song better than the older one as singers such as Ed Sheeran, Olly Murs and One Direction take part in the modern version. Do They Know It’s Christmas is one of the very popular songs that’s played over the Christmas period. However, there are people that think the older version is much better than the newer version of this great traditional Christmas song.

Last Christmas

Last Christmas is a song about a broken heart but instead of it being a sad song, it gives us a sign of hope. It’s a song that reminds us about things such as Christmas trees and snow blankets around the house. Last Christmas also reminds people of their loved ones that may no longer be with them by remembering the Christmas experiences they have given us over the years.

This Has Been Our List of Top Christmas Songs!

It is important to relax and enjoy different traditions with family over the Christmas season. This is a very busy season for many of us that are trying to travel to different parts of the world to see friends and family which may live abroad.

Christmas songs can bring us all together at this time of year and make us feel closer to the ones who aren’t around. That’s all part of the magic of Christmas!

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