Sea kayaking as a team building exercise for hotel staff

Sea kayaking as a team building exercise for hotel staff : The four reasons why it’s a winner.

Sea kayaking as a team building exercise for hotel staff has a lot of benefits. One of the most important industries that we have in Ireland is the tourist and hospitality business. This has lead to more hotels. Why? The increase in demand for accommodation for both local and foreign visitors. 

It’s great to be in demand! But, gone are the days when any old standard was good enough as you could cover a multitude with the coat of Irish charm. Gone are the days of pigs in the parlour and chickens on the table. Visitors want proper standards in hotels. Those standards are maintained by the hotel staff. The team behind the team at the front desk; hotel staff more than staffs in any other business have to be so diverse and operate as different teams at different points of the establishment; those different teams also have to work in harmony.

That is why team building and team leadership is critical to the success of the business. The hotel teams are all working under enormous time pressures so team breaks to rejuvenate is very important. It will be appreciated and will contribute to better work relationships in the business.

Bigpotatoes suggests that the hotel workers team should get up close and personal with nature; get outdoors and do some river or sea Kayaking!

The First Reason :

The first reason for taking the team kayaking is to get everyone outdoors and into the fresh air. Kayaking is not the first activity that would spring to mind for most team organisers but it is brilliant. The Irish times said of their trip that it was one of the most magical experiences that you could have anywhere in the world. So at bigpotatoes we would as usual advise the team leaders to involve all the team in the putting together of the trip. The south coast of Ireland is our main focus and we will highlight some of the options and the thrills.

The Second Reason :

The second reason is the absolutely beauty of the scenery as the team takes to the kayaks and head off. There are starting points at lots of different locations, but we will concentrate and recommend a few for hotel teams.

One that would suit the team would be a full day trip of Baltimore and Carbery’s hundred isles. The team, in double kayaks will paddle off into some astoundingly beautiful and remote coves, caves and islands. They will glide gracefully and silently along observing the marine wildlife, the occasional dolphin, gulls and herons. There will be schools of mackerel and raw nature at sea level. Why is this beneficial? Well, this will relax the hotel team as they will feel in a different world. And, opportunities will be presented to the team to stop for lunch and refreshments. The team will return to the mainland later. All Kayak trips are supervised by trained operators who have a deep understanding of the waters and also the dangers.

The Third Reason :

There are several other kayak trips on the coast. Our third reason is the trip in Lough Hyne. Lough Hyne is Northern Europe’s only inland saltwater lake. This is a beautiful team building trip but is tide dependant. The trip begins in the Lough and makes its way to the open sea through a short channel called “the narrows”. Once in the open sea the team will have an opportunity to explore caves and islands before returning on the tide.

The Fourth Reason :

The fourth reason is doing a river trip under the bridges of the river Lee. Cork is sometimes referred to as the Venice of the north. View the city and learn the history from the views on the river.

So, sea kayaking as a team building exercise for hotel staff has many merits indeed! Show this list to your boss or your team and they will be reaching for their paddles. Enjoy this refreshing experience and breath new life into the bonds that exist within your team.




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