Skydiving experience as a team building exercise

Skydiving experience as a team building exercise

Three stimulating reasons :

We all know the benefits that we gain from taking a leisurely walk in the countryside. The tingling feeling as the body warms up and the breathing increases. The gentle push of the breeze against your face, the sounds of the countryside, birds, cattle, farm machinery and some traffic all add to the moments of serenity and pleasure. The freedom of being out of the rat race, whether on your own or with a team training to get fitter and healthier, is of great benefit to you and your team. That’s an easy option and while very enjoyable for team training or solo recreation it will not bring on a stimulation that will leave you in a mind blowing situation. Let’s examine another team building extreme sport that will test the team and it daring qualities;

We are talking about Skydiving, also called parachuting.

There are several places in Ireland that cater for the parachuting enthusiasts and the nearest to Dublin is an area in Kildare. Generally, this sport is very much weather dependant.

Low cloud cover makes it a non event. Visibility is a key factor not just for the aircraft pilot, but for the teams participating.

Let’s be honest, there’s no point in jumping out of a plane at 10.000 feet if you can’t see the ground. The whole adrenaline rush would be lost.

We are highlighting three factors that make this team experience high on the adrenaline rush Geiger counter.

Number one is turning up at the aerodrome with all your team members and getting the feeling of trepidation as you kit out in the gear, parachute and slip on the helmet.

Gloves and goggles are supplied! Let’s be honest, this is an extreme sport and can be dangerous or fatal so qualified instructors are on hand to make sure that everything is done according to the regulations. Because there are risks means that we class it as an extreme sport. Therefore, the exhilaration that the team will experience illustrates our desire to push the boundaries out. Everything is done with military precision with no chances taken as the team enters the aircraft and prepares for takeoff.

Team leaders will say some reassuring words as the plane picks up speed and lifts off into the clear blue sky. Butterflies will begin swirling around in some stomachs, hands will become sweaty and mouths dry out. Suddenly the plane is at ten thousand feet and the instructor starts the jump sequence. No turning back at this stage as someone shouts “Geronimo” and disappears out into the great emptiness.

This is where the second great adrenaline rush kicks in as team members fall and accelerate to 120 miles per hour (terminal velocity) in less than ten seconds.

The wind rush distorts the facial features so the fear factor is not plain to see. It is an unbelievable feeling. A mixture of exhilaration, nervousness and thrilling expectation as the ground appears to rise up to meet you. The cord is pulled and the traffic slows down to a crawl. Time to draw breath and view the landscape from a place inhabited only by the birds; silence wraps you in a blanket and leaves the team in awe as the gap between feet and ground closes.

Then the third great adrenaline kicks in.

The landing is soft but the euphoria is truly hard core.

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