St. Patricks Day Team Building Ideas

St. Patricks Day Team Building Ideas

St. Patricks day comes every year and it is a time that most of us enjoy. Whether we are new to the country and want to engage in the customs and traditions here, or have fond memories of watching the parade as a child – St. Patricks day can be a fantastic day out. Get in on the Paddy’s day cheer by organising a day of team bonding for your hardworking colleagues.

A trip the a Millinery is wonderful way to get some extravagant head gear ready for any St. Patricks day events! Perfect for the office gang who love getting crafty, this team building activity will have your team producing some seriously stylish creations. Use plenty of green tulle and beads to create the perfect Paddy’s day look.

St. Patricks day happens during Spring time in Ireland and this means that the weather is a combination of sunny spells with random pours of rain. If you are lucky enough to stumble upon some glorious weather this St. Patricks day, definitely head off on a Boat Tour. Relax and enjoy a drink with you co-workers whilst taking in the scenic Spring time views. Is there beginning to be a stretch in the evening!? We think so! (This would be the perfect event to sport your newly made St. Patricks day hat too!)

There you have it! The perfect recipe for an amazing St. Patricks weekend team bonding session. Maybe kick things off on the Friday of the bank holiday weekend. The extra day to relax and have fun will be wonderful news to your hardworking team.

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