Why a spa and pamper afternoon isn’t just for the girls in the office

Why a spa and pamper afternoon isn’t just for the girls in the office

Team building and team bonding isn’t just for footballers or rugby players or those involved in team sports. It is also about creating a healthy and harmonious atmosphere within the confines of the workplace. A happy staff, or team, leads to better productivity and a friendlier environment. The knock-on effects from that happy environment are indeed multiple. Apart from productivity, staff or team retention in today’s market is critical. Demand for highly productive, well educated team members is at an all time high. Therefore, making the work place a happy place will be the first brick in the wall.

Team building and breaks away from the desks are paramount for a successful work place environment. We have discussed a myriad of options that involve both the ladies and the gents in the company getting together for team building. Sometimes, it’s ladies only and sometimes the concentration is on the men.

Today we are discussing an option for the male team member, that’s usually regarded as the preserve of the ladies. That option is a Spa and a pamper afternoon.

First of all, the spa is not just for ladies!

And, while the lads from the office might think of it as girly, forget it! Drop the caveman attitude and get the male team along to a Dublin spa for some real body treatment.

The fear for some blokes is that it’s all about fluffy dressing gowns slices of cucumber on the eye lids and delicate perfumes. Wrong again! The body and mind needs relaxing whether it’s male or female. The Idea is that on entering a spa the man will immediately experience the feeling of calm. The Therapists will focus on the stress points so that the body’s well being is assured and that the mind is free to drift to a higher altitude. The highly trained staff will guide your team through each step of your relaxing journey.

It’s amazing how relaxed, revitalized and rejuvenated you will feel after the treatment.

Depending on where exactly you take your male team, a variety of treatments are available, each with its own unique selling point.

Indian head massages are popular with most establishments. They involve a relaxing face, neck, shoulder and head massage. The treatment is steeped in Indian tradition and with their skill set, the masseuse will work on the head and scalp to ease out all the tensions above the shoulder areas.

Men with sinus problems and tired eyes will also experience a major improvement. Other treatments for instance involve a pine and eucalyptus enriched moor mud back treatment followed by a back massage. Or why not try a Hot stone back massage and or maybe a hot stone leg and foot massage.

The hot stone heat penetrates the deep muscle tissue and eliminates the need for an excruciating deep muscle massage that makes the cure worse than the disease.

The male members of your team will experience a life changing moment when they are whisked off for a Spa and pamper afternoon.

Once the body is successfully sorted, the mind in a peaceful orbit. A pleasant feeling of well being will hang on the body like a well cut suit. It can be regarded as a job well done and an initiative that was worth pursuing. The spa will no longer just be for the ladies in the team but also for the macho males that had never had the experience before.

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